July & August 2023

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SESAR 3 JU: Keeping airports safe and secure

An EU-funded project evaluates how 5G-based positioning and sensing and mmWave radar can improve operations in secondary airports.

Safe and secure transport solutions are central objectives of EU policy, as outlined in European aviation Flightpath 2050. Novel technologies that are used outside of air traffic management (ATM), such as cellular networks and low-level radar, have been put under the spotlight for their ability to enhance safety and security, as well as improve overall performance at airports.

“In this context, the NewSense project aimed to improve safety and efficiency of operations, primarily in secondary airports, with innovative low-cost surface surveillance solutions using 5G and millimetre waves (mmWave) signals, which are widely used outside ATM. This will allow for the implementation of affordable advanced-surface movement guidance and control systems,” explains Fathia Ben Slama, project coordinator.

The project also aimed to develop gap-filler solutions that could be deployed at larger airports to cover up current system limitations such as coverage issues. NewSense was funded within the framework of the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 893917.

Find out more: SESAR Joint Undertaking | Keeping airports safe and secure (sesarju.eu)