November 2022


French airports beat participation records in global carbon standard for airports

Coinciding with the 4th annual conference for French and Francophone airports organised by Union des Aéroports Français & Francophones Associés (UAF & FA) on 24-25 November in Paris, we have taken a closer look at the climate action achievements of airports in France.

On the global stage, and out of 86 countries represented in Airport Carbon Accreditation, France has gathered by far the biggest community of climate smart airports. The 63 French airports currently actively addressing their carbon emissions in Airport Carbon Accreditation constitute almost 30% of the total number of accredited airports in Europe (219), and 15% globally (425).

Furthermore, a clear majority of these airports, 46, have been certified for achieving real-life carbon reduction results, from Level 2 up to the highest levels of the programme. 

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